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Hello loves, all right with you?

Today I bring some news in the fashion world. As I am Miss, something that is always present in me are the evening gowns.

I have used all models of the sexiest ... the most princesses, and I love everyone! I think each modeling has its characteristic charm.

1 - Delicate: I like to be able to fashion and delicate at the same time. light colors in shades of pink are the more I fall in love. In this model, in addition to the delicate pink also we have the top that is a mixture of predarias invisible in tulle. Very graceful and delicate. And the best of this dress is that it can be used in both events during the day as night.

2 Simple: Not every event asks her dress is glamorous. However, choosing the right model, with cut and certain colors you will surely be the subject of many looks. In this dress, we see that the cut of the bust and twisted at the waist are the elements that most attract attention. And as the dress trim is light, this is also a great option for those who have events during the day.

3 Luxury: This is a dress model that most women choose at the time of choice. Pretinho basic, basic nothing. It is a perfect combination of fabrics, cut and applications. Despite being sexy, this model draws the most attention for lifetime achievement, and not the body itself. The details are what make all the difference, on the back a sexy super crack, and in front of the gall stones in the bust height. And another nice detail are the sleeves and the dress trim, which opens along the length. It is a total luxury!

4 Bold: When we think of boldness, soon come to mind super flashy dresses with daring cuts or daring lengths. But in truth, the boldness is in full work choice. I chose this dress to show you how daring is also part of the own characteristics of each .... Rents, in my opinion is the most daring fabric. For loads elegance, luxury, sexy, delicate and daring. In fact both captivate me in the fashion world, and are the lace and pearls! This dress is elegant, light and very daring for its top be fully income. It could be even different shades ... anyway it would be lovely! The only thing I would change would be the hair ... I think lace combine more with a high hair, a classic coke may be the best option.

5 Sexy: Sexy Dress is a great option for those who want to be the center of attention. They are usually used in events at night. There are numerous ways to be sexy, but the modeling is the main characteristics. Both skinny, as plus size could kill with such modeling. Of course there are different fabrics, favoring more each body type, and this is the care that must have. I chose this model for sexy, because I like him more is the sculptural modeling and detail of black lace that blends subtly with the body red dress. The lateral slit is a detail that not everyone likes, but there is no sexier detail in a red dress, a side slit! In fact, some posts ago I showed a red dress with good-looking slot with this. That is .... Love!

**Beautiful wedding dresses**

I made my 5 favorite choices and tell you a little more about what I think each model, and what I use most. But in the SHERRY LONDON site you will find a huge variety of designs, colors and sizes (including PLUS SIZE).

I hope you enjoyed this post, and do not forget to give your opinion right? kisses


*This post is sponsored

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